JHA’s Teaching Model

Just Health Action teaches critical health literacy as a key step in the process of empowering individuals and communities to achieve health equity. We conceive of critical health literacy as an individual’s understanding of the social determinants of health, combined with the skills to take action at both the individual and community level.

Our pedagogy is interactive and encourages critical analysis and reflection.

JHA’s Critical Health Literacy Framework:

Our educational framework has 4 major components:

  1. Part one teaches theĀ  SDOH within a paradigm which understands health as a human right (Knowledge).
  2. Part two is composed of activities that help students find their own direction as a social change agent (Compass).
  3. Part three teaches students specific strategies and advocacy tools to take action on the SDOH (Tools).
  4. Part four helps students develop and implement a specific action intended to increase health equity by addressing the SDOH (Action).